Dubbya V

 This past friday and saturday, I had been invited to join a geology field trip.  The trip plan was to view and study some outcrops in KY and spend the night at Carter Caves.  I only went for friday and headed home after the last stop before they set up camp.  What can I say?  I was either going to my grandmother's 95th birthday party or Bridge Day.  I normally hate camping but for some reason I was thinking that it would have been fun to camp out at the caves.  
Then on saturday I felt obligated to go to the B-day party.  I wanted to go see my Gran anyway.  So dad was all excited about the geology field trip and wanted to show me some of his own "discoveries" in this huge state park across the street from where Gran lives.  We hiked out to his childhood hangout and on the way saw some of the campgrounds.  
Man, it was beautiful being out there.  The hills were actually mountains - I mean, they were taller and just bigger than where I live (about 2 hours away, same state though).  We saw some of the old coal mines that apparently my dad, uncle, grandfather and great grandfather mined before it was a state park.  We saw a whole bunch of stuff, but when it was time to leave, we passed by the campgrounds again.  I guess being from Dubbya V has finally caught up to me and I really wanted to go camping.  You'd think I'd already love camping, hiking, backpacking and that sort of thing but I really didn't have good experiences the few times I tried it.  I think I'd probably like it now though.  I  think I'd probably like it if I did it solo - just me, my backpack, my single person tent, my quite.  I think I might start gathering gear for next year.  Yep, being from Dubbya V has finally caught up with me.  

The Road Not Taken

Robert Frost, 1920.  One of my favorite poems.  It fits my life wonderfully.
My life hasn't exactly been going in a clear direction.  I originally didn't even want to go to college but my parents enrolled me in to Marshall University anyway.  I went for a year but I decided if I was going to have to go to college, I wanted to pick the school, the major, etc.  So I came up with Atmospheric Ocean Dynamics at Coastal Carolina University.  Wrong thing to do.  I was so distracted most of the time that I barely passed some of my classes and didn't pass my only science class.  I stayed for one semester.  I begged Marshall to take me back and they did.  I went for a two year and a four year degree in Criminal Justice, which turned out to be a waste of time.  It just meant I could be a secretary with a fancy name "paralegal."  You'd think that I was headed to law school but I had worked with lawyers for about 3 years and never once met a lawyer that was happy.  Okay, there's one but he's already had a heart attack before the age of 40 so I'm pretty sure that doesn't actually constitute "happy."  I think he's just buzzed all the time.  
Anyway, I really didn't like being a paralegal since either I didn't get paid hardly anything ($7.00/hr) at plaintiff firms or I really hated my job at defense firms (sadly they pay better, about $30g/year here).  I signed up for a temp service and was offered a job at an engineering firm.  I took it, and I liked the work but I hated some of the people I worked with (one was my boss).  Ugh!  So anyway, at some point during my employment at this place I began to get really interested in the environment and my personal health.  Who wouldn't want to research the effects of working so close to a chemical plant?  I really didn't get along with my boss and one day it just exploded... then I got fired.  So I was no longer working near the chemical plant, but I was still really interested in research.  For my birthday (about a month and a half after getting fired) of this year, I walked right back on to MU's campus and said "I want a degree in Environmental Science."  I am now a full time student at the age of 26 and I'm on my second bachelor's degree.  
So, here I am back at school and there's so much more opportunity in this department than there was in CJ.  I mean, I get pulled aside by my geology professor and he says I have real potential so why haven't I applied for the NASA scholarship?  uhhh... 'cause it's NASA!  I didn't know I could do that!  So I got the details, turned it in and it's now in review.  In the meantime, there's a grant that I have been awarded for the same project I proposed for the scholarship ($ for the project, $ for me).  I shouldn't count the $$ before I'm awarded it but I'm proud I'm even attempting this.  
Here's another really good part:  I was told by my advisor today that if I work on getting all of the criteria and I pass the GRE, I have an opportunity to do my graduate studies at Yale University for almost a free ride.  ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS??  He then asked "Are you interested?  I didn't know if you would be interested in something like that or not..."  Let me think.... still thinking.....hmmm..... YES!!  Wow... My life doesn't really have a clear direction yet, but with all of these awesome opportunities being thrown my way I don't think there's a reason to take a well-worn path.  I just have to follow where life leads, see what opportunities get tossed in my direction and see which ones stick.  

Life updates

Last week was the first week of school for fall. Even though I started school 2 months earlier, it was still pretty grueling. What ever made me decide to go back, and even then what the hell made me decide to do Environmental Science? I'm too old and too far out of school to go back and understand this stuff. I guess I should probably just truck through it and make it work. What's the old saying?- beat it to fit and paint it to match? Something like that...
Anyway, yeah, so trig will come a lot easier when I brush up on my college algebra (It's only been 8 years since I took it, yeesh!). But do I really have time? I've got another physical geology chapter to read and review questions at the end, finish up a geology lab exercise and read about the next one, write an essay on the top 5 environmental issues and how to present them in a political setting, a trig chapter and a half to read with review questions, 4 chapters to read in a book for terrestrials, and a power point presentation to do on inputs/outputs of computers and how a computer really works that's 20% of my grade due next week. Brilliant.
I've already almost finished the trig review questions, and I need to do the essay within the next couple of hours. The power point project will also have to be finished today and all the while doing laundry.
Tomorrow will be the 4 chapters, geology lab and review questions, then finish trig. That covers it all, right? For now, anyway. I suppose when I get time (uhhh....) I could get to a comfortable "go along with" instead of "constantly catching up". I really hope I can do that....
So Dave's first week of college (ever) happened this past week also. He's overly stressed but is somewhat adapting to the situation okay. I mean, I already have an idea of how to survive college - just stick your nose in the books, make sure to eat right and exercise and get sleep when you can. Prioritize stuff, too. He's always had someone telling him when to eat, when to work and what he needed to do, so he's getting an eye opening experience of how to run his own life, but pay the consequences of it too. I think that and time management is going to be good for him. It's weird that he's already said "it's almost 11 am!, my day is almost half over!" which is very unlike the old him. The old him used to not have a clue what time it was or even really understand that the day was slipping away. Learning how to use that new knowledge and using his time wisely to prioritize and get some what seems to be impossible projects finished in a short amount of time will be very beneficial to him. Until then, I can definitely see him struggling with college in general. Me too.
On an entirely different note, I'm getting better with my IUD. Spotting started happening, but the cramps are random instead of constant now. I think this may have been one of the best choices I have ever made. I really hope the enviro science is as good of a choice and maybe this is just a painful beginning to a really good thing later. At a time when everything is so uncertain, I've got to believe everything will work out and keep working toward what I want.
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Ode to my English Professor

Oh professor, why do you waste my time?
I have too many other things to worry about
Then answer "opinion" questions only for your to tell me no.
What do you mean no? This is my opinion.
Oh professor, why do you grade me so?
My opinion is what my opinion is.
If you didn't want to know my opinion, then don't ask for it
And don't grade me low because we differ in opinion.
Oh professor, why have you wasted my summertime and money?
I could have done something worth my while instead of taking your class.
I could have spent the money on something useful, like gas.
Oh professor, I really think you're a bastard.
And I'm sure we'll differ in opinion there, but you can't tell me no on this one.
The end.
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First entry

Just a warning - I'm way too tired to be writing this so if it doesn't make sense, sorry about that.
Stats is going alright, but a test tomorrow is going to kill me dead. I really should be studying but none of it is sinking in at this point. It's the english class thats really going to get me anyway. I've always been better at english than any math subject, which is why I'm convinced that my math class is is not really college level (they lied and took my money!) and my english professor is possessed by a demon. Doesn't he understand that english was my best subject and if I don't make an A in the class, it will really make me re-think this whole going back to college for another degree idea?
Oh yea, Dave is going for his degree now too. Well, not really NOW, but starting fall semester. I hope he's ready for it. He doesn't seem to be off to a smooth start. I guess if it's been 20 years since being in a classroom, it might be a bit intimidating now.
Anyway, I'm scheduled for my IUD Aug 20th. Yay!!! No more guessing what side effect will come up next for HBC. and I might get back down to my pre pill weight. I'm not fat now but it would be nice to see what my real weight is at this point. Seriously sick of them - all of them, every stinkin last little pill or shot of HBC. Of course, Dave and I aren't going to have much time to try out my copper plug since we're both going for full semesters and I'm taking differential calculus and principles of organic chemistry. Hmmmm, I might want to rethink that...
Okay, time for me to try to sponge up some more P(4)=5!/(5-4)!4! * .8^4 * 2^1... uh huh...
I'll try to see if I can't be a little less brain dead for the next one.
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